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 From the Bay of Kotor / Simo Matavulj, prepared by Prof. Dr Goran Maksimović, 2015









Serbian magazine for 1896 and 1897the facsimile edition, 2013





Boka : anthropological-geographical study, author Sava Nakićenović – facsimile edition, 2012







The Mediterranean Puzzle by author Slavo Stojković was published in co-edition with the Belgrade publishing house Nolit. The Mediterranean Puzzle was created based on thousands of pages of relevant literature of the Bay of Kotor, reread by the author for years. He communicates his readings through the text and not in footnotes, emphasizing the popular character of the book. The book is a comprehensive popular overview  of history and culture of the Bay of Kotor. In the form of a light story, susceptible to the reader, the author offers a multitude of data that will bring the reader closer to the turbulent history of the Bay, help him figure out how the Bay of Kotor resisted those who did not come as well-intentioned travellers, how it survived and stayed its own, how it rejected foreign rule and negative impacts and continued to accept only genuine cultural and civilization values.

Travel Literature by Lazar Tomanović – Dr Lazar Tomanović is known to scientific public as the Prime Minister of Montenegro at the time of King Nikola I and the author of the study „Petar II Petrović Njegoš as the Ruler“. Prof. Dr Goran Maksimović collected from Serbian periodicals the published Tomanović's travel literature and arranged it in the travel book by Lazar Tomanović. Many of his travelogue, written in epistolary form, according to Prof. Maksimović are classified in the most beautiful travelogue tradition of Serbian literature of the 19th century: „On the one hand these are travelogue – fictional texts dealing with experiences, images and impressions from travelling, and on the other hand they are documentary-artistic, scientific discussions in which the writer wants to present the area from historical, geographical, ethnographic, linguistic and any other perspective...“

Autobiography of Protosyncellos Kiril Cvjetković and his suffering for Orthodoxy – facsimile edition of 2004, prepared by Prof. Dr Goran Maksimović.

The book was originally published by Serbian Royal Academy in Belgrade in 1898 and edited by Dimitrije Ruvarac. „Konstantin Cvjetković was born in Baošići 1791. As a seventeen year old, he received the solemn monastic rank and until the end of his life remained resolute in his faith and love for his people, despite the ordeal he endured with dignity in Austro-Hungarian casemates for almost 25 years. He was not granted even his only desire to spend his last days in his „Fatherland – Bay of Kotor“. He was a contemporary of great historical changes under Venetian, then French and Austro-Hungarian rule, and as the private secretary of Bishop Venedikt Kraljević, a witness to unification attempts of Dalmatian Orthodox eparchy. „Autobiography ...“ is a valuable chronicle of historical events in the Orthodox Church, as well as a moving story and perhaps a unique example of suffering, which was the price of true patriotism and firmness in his faith. The work belongs to the literary tradition of documentary prose narratives nurtured with the authors of Bay of Kotor throughout the epoch.