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Dr Sanja Subotic

The family library of Đuro and Jelisaveta Sanja Subotić was donated to our library by Mr. Ilija Subotić.

Jelisaveta-Sanja Subotić was born in 1930 in Senta, and died in 1996 in Kotor. Half of her working life she spent in Kotor teaching (till 1967) and in the Archives of Kotor (from 1967 to 1981). From 1981 she was an associate professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Nikšić, at the Department Yugoslav literature and language. She got her doctorate degree with the dissertation “Vocabulary of Lazar Tomanović in his scientific papers in the late 19th century”. She is the author of numerous precious contributions to the lexicon of Vuk Popović’s manuscripts, meaning of Ljubiša’s vocabulary, toponyms of places in Boka and the others. She has left about 70 bibliographic units on the science of language. The legacy of Dr Sanja Subotić contains 645 monographs and ten titles of serials which comprise specialised literature and linguistic periodicals. Monographs and serials were processed in accordance with international standards (ISBDM, ISBDS, UDC). The Legacy is kept in a special depot with other legacies, and the books are placed according to UDC. The contents of the legacy according to UDC comprises mostly of literature dealing with fiction, linguistics and philology (417). The other monographs (128) contain literature on humanities and history. 

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